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Sonya Spilkin is a Canadian artist based in Toronto.  She works primarily in painting, drawing, and photography while experimenting with perfomative sessions leading to visual records of transitive physical journeys. 


Spilkin spent three years commuting between Berlin and Toronto, a process which has heavily informed her practice and subject matter. Her current work focuses on the recording of journeys and mapping, with themes exploring transitions, migration, and the role that memory and hope play in individual and collective identities.


She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa (2009) and Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto (2010), where she specializes in Visual Arts at the Secondary level. 

As an artist with an passion for education and collective learning, she is interested in the role that community plays for artists and in society at large, and how coming together as thinkers and creators can bring about change and open a platform for exploration and growth.

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